Tea Plantation.

Our tea plantation

We have a small test micro tea plantation on our Farm. Tea (Camellia sinensis) is a member of the Camellia family and a plant that you see abundantly growing all over the UK and it thrives in acidic soil and Cornwall’s soil is perfect for this crop, as is its mild climate. We will harvest the tea when the plants flush new leaf buds. Only the young leaves are harvested they are then steamed, fermented and dried to make black tea or Oolong style tea or dried to make green tea. Tea was not commercially grown in Europe at all, until Tregothnan Estate in Cornwall first pioneered growing a plantation in the UK. So real English tea is a real rarity and this is why it is so expensive!

We use our tea to make special home grown blends and we also use it in our gin and chocolate production. Sometimes we will have young tea bushes available for sale so you can try growing at home.